February 12, 2010

A fruity valentine...

Happy Valentines Weekend! May the force be with you!
Every year I try and think of some cute craft thing to make that shows how much I love the one I love so much. You know boys, they love anything cute lying around the house. So this year I made:

Tada! A pear shaped thing that hangs off a door knob. Cute and functional. I know!
And a quick twirl reveals...

A declaration of love or an unfortunate spelling mistake? Neither, it's a rather practical observation of our compatibility. Hurray!
Enjoy your romancing!
x Lilly


  1. Very nice, and indeed displayed on a particularly nice door. Maybe you could show us more of your house...?

  2. Lovely door decoration and i'm sure you could wear it dangled suggestively as a necklace too....
    p.s are you aka sasha?

  3. Thanks! Hope ye had a great weekend!
    Mise I will try and show more of the house, it always takes me ages to get things looking how I want them though!
    Jaboopee, I'm not sasha, she's from dublin but I do know her in 'real life'. We both started our blogs around the same time. I'll have to have a proper look at all of your gorgeous stained glass creations tonight! x


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