February 24, 2011

Mexican Recipes

 The Mexican L&F dinner was lovely! Massive thanks as usual to my brilliant sisters who were decked out like Mexican ladies with flowers in their hair and beautiful mexican dresses. We started the night with Tequila Spritzers. It was basically a big jug of margarita mix (cointreau, tequila & lots of fresh lime juice). A shot of this was poured into each glass & then topped up with lemonade. Very drinkable and I'd imagine a real winner for summer barbeques!

February 14, 2011

Loaves&Fishes Love Mexican Food!

Thanks so much for all of the brilliant name suggestions for my book! I really loved reading through them and will let ye know as soon as we've decided on the best title. Thanks a million!x
Now back to the business at hand: The Loaves & Fishes menu for next weekend. The loose theme will be Mexican so feel free to dust off your ponchos! I've resisted the temptation to make a huge pinata but there's a few days to go yet so you never know! Nothing on the menu will be crazy hot and loaded with chilli. It'll all be lovely and full of fresh lime,coriander and my favourite secret ingredient in the kitchen: Cacao!

Black bean Sopa Azteca 
Guacamole, Salsa, Torilla chips and other lovely bits & pieces
Chilli con cacao, Green Rice and homemade cornbread
Citrus Tart
Homemade Chilli chocolate truffles
Tea & Coffee

February 8, 2011

Help me name my book please! x

So my lovelies I have exciting news! Eeek! I know.
I've been writing a book. All about Baking. For the past few months there have been four tier black forest gateaus,Banoffee Cake, Coffee Cakes, millions of muffins, tons of tarts and some gorgeous breads rising in the hot press! The whole house smells amazing and hopefully masks the fact that I've been neglecting the hoovering! The publishers, Gill & McMillan contacted me about the blog and would I like to do a book etc. so I decided on Baking as being what The Book would be about. But we simply cannot come up with a name! So I'd love if you would let me know what you think. Hopefully from reading the blog you know what the style of the book will be: gorgeous photos, approachable recipes and lots of beautiful baked stuff! Here are the suggestions so far. Please let me know any comments you have and let me know which one you think is best!

1. Baking Power

2. Bake it Easy (Lorriane Pascal kind of beat me to it with her new book 'Baking made Easy'.Doh!)

3. Bake, Eat, Love

4. Sweet Dreams

5. Flour Power

And if you can think up a completely different name do let me know too,The book will be out in the Autumn so the sooner the better!
Thanks a million!
Lilly x