March 20, 2011

The March Loaves&Fishes Menu

For some reason no photos will load! The server is 'rejecting' them apparently, how embarrassing. Anyway we are really looking forward to Loaves&Fishes next weekend and here is the menu:

Four Cheese Tortellini with sage butter
Pollo al burro with roast cherry tomatoes & Herb Tabbouleh
Sicilian Wedding Cake
Homemade Cantucci
Tea & Coffee

A few years ago we went to La Sostanza in Florence and had the most amazing steaks. The house red wine was beautiful and served in little glass tumblers, there was a big open grill in the kitchen where everything was cooked. The whole atmosphere was so relaxed, I really loved it. We went back a few times and every time the people at the tables around us were raving about the Pollo al burro. Chicken soaked in a buttery bath. We had to get it! It was absolutely gorgeous and I've been making it at home ever since.
Last year we went to a beautiful wedding in Tuscany and at the end of the night we had the most amazing berry Wedding Cake. I've been trying to find a recipe for it everywhere and just recently figured out that the filling is like the Scilian Cassata cake. Anyway it's gorgeous and I'll post the recipe with photos here next week!
Lilly x

March 14, 2011

We have a title! It's MakeBakeLove!

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the brilliant book title suggestions! I never really considered calling the book after the blog but ye all thought of it. Go Team! So since the blog is called 'Stuff I make, bake and Love' the book will be called the shorter version 'Make.Bake.Love'. You make it, you bake it, you love it. I think it's a grower. 100 sweet baking recipes and jam packed with photos.
I'm just at the 'typing up and checking everything twice over and over' stage so here are some photos I won't be putting in the book. Bo loves to help when I'm taking photos. She's lurking in the background of every shot, she knows not to go near me when I have the camera in my hand!

Thanks a million to my talented beautician sister Rosie (above)  for using make up artistry magic and to my Colm for taking the photos of me for the book. Blogging can be a solitary and very personal hobby and it can sometimes appear like it's not part of the 'real world' but coming together to make this book has brought it all to life for me. I always write these posts for you to read but now other people will be able to read the book too! So come September we'll have to share! Thanks for all your support!
Lilly x

March 6, 2011

Drop Scone Tuesday is upon us!

I absolutely love pancakes. A day where you just have to have pancakes is my dream come true. For about six months we had pancakes every Sunday morning with apple sliced or grated into the batter. Like this lovely recipe. I love adding fruit to the batter as it makes them 'healthy' and then you can drench them in glorious maple syrup. But for the past few months whilst I've been writing and baking up the book there has been nothing but cake in the house. We have lost our appetite for sugar. It's a sad day when you realise that no, you don't feel remotely like having cake or biscuits with your cup of tea. I had to make a new house rule: Nobody is to leave empty handed. If someone calls, give them cake. So the run up to lent and the symbolic pancake making has never been so apt. I am giving up sugar! Hurray! But first I must eat loads of drop scones.