November 28, 2010

Loaves&Fishes Christmas Supper Menu

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas around here! The next supper is on this coming Saturday the 4th December, eeeeek! The time flies! I've been testing out mince pie recipes since Halloween and drinking mulled apple juice as I peel chestnuts and frown at the thought of us being unable to get a Christmas Tree so early. Hopefully (or should I say hohohopefully) we will be able to get one by the weekend! Anyway after much cooking and eating we have finalised the menu.

Mulled Apple Juice

Pernod & Langoustine Soup with kalamata olive bread

Winter Salad

Turkey & Chestnut Terrine, Hasselback potatoes, Root Vegetable Puree
Cranberry Sauce & Turkey gravy

Trifle with berries, homemade custard and sponge

Mince Pie Squares with Tea &Coffee

I was looking for a soup recipe everywhere, I wanted to have a nice festive menu with all of the usuals like prawns, turkey, cranberries etc. making an appearance. The first time I made this soup it took me four hours. Shelling the prawns, making the stock, skinning the fish, driving to my parents house to rob leeks from their garden (springing a leak!) and so on. By the time I was blending up the broth I just had had enough of it. But as soon as I tasted  it the sweet langoustines enveloped me and the liquoricey Pernod kissed me reassuringly on the forehead. I just had to put it on the menu!
Lilly x

Also there have been a few cancellations so do get in touch if you'd like to come. Now Sold out. Thanks!x


  1. That menu sounds fantastic. And fresh leaks as well! I also love the pictures of those handmade decorations or tags in the top photo - were they made from felt?

  2. Everything sounds and looks delicious! Yay! it's holiday time! I hope to get our tree next weekend too.
    x lori

  3. Hi Jayne, They're felt! I found a load of old holy badges and thought they'd make great tree decorations, I love anything with anchors!
    Thanks Lori! x

  4. Sounds great- very glad I got the last few places - thanks to whoever cancelled. Love the decorations esp the super shiny deer - but he's not just for christmas I'm sure - see you Saturday
    chesnuts, terrine, hasselback spuds and triffle - excited!

  5. Hurrah, really looking forward to it! What a delicious menu.

  6. What a delicious menu. Sounds like a great night out and fantastic value. Well done!!


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