June 27, 2010

Garden Mint Lemonade

There's a load of mint taking over my garden and I absolutely love it. I'm putting it into everything and the more I pick, the more it grows. Mint is one of those brilliant things that just thrives no matter what, my kind of plant! I used a mixture of spearmint and peppermint for this gorgeous summer drink.

Garden Mint Lemonade
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
Juice of 2 lemons
1/2 cup packed full of mint
Handful of icecubes
  • First add the sugar and water to a pan and heat gently to dissolve the sugar.
  • Leave the syrup to cool. Juice the 2 lemons and pour into a large jug with the syrup.
  • Crush the ice and mint together. I did this in a food processor and it really does push your food processor/blender to the max! Only do this if you know your machine can handle ice.
  • Add the minty ice slush to the jug and mix with the syrup and lemon juice.
  • Top with as much water as you like and keep tasting it. I added about a litre of water to mine as I didn't want it too sweet.
  • Serve with more ice and a few mint leaves.

Sipping this on a summer day is what it's all about. But I can't help think that next time I'll try and make it with half brown sugar/half white and I'll add a good glug of Bacardi rum. Yum!

Lilly x


  1. I'm all for that Bacardi!!

    I'm in the process of making elderflower cordial - and I used half white half light brown sugar, I think this was a bit of a mistake as the colour is just not right!!

    Adding the mint to your lemonade is a wonderful idea, so much more refreshing :-}

  2. loving the rum....I’ll try this..sounds like just the thing in this hot California Sun....My neighbors have a lime tree...I think I’ll try it with those...

  3. Two glugs of rum, Lilly, make it two glugs. You have the best food presentation photos in the whole of Ireland.

  4. Today I made mojitos in a similar way. Crushed the mint and ice together in a sandwich bag with a hammer. Twas terrible messy! Then made the syrup but with limes and a tiny bitta chilli then into a glass, add lashings and lashings of barcardi and a smidgen of honey rum then top it up with soda water. I was driving so my dad and uncle got to sample them and they weren't complaining :)

  5. MMMMM,..your mint lemonade looks luscious!!!

    I think for next time the added rum would be lovely!


  6. Thanks everyone, I'll have to add rum the next time!!
    Brownievillegirl: I'm sure the cordial will taste gorgeous though! I'm made the Hugh F.W elderflower champagne and it'll be ready to drink next weekend! I can't wait to taste it!
    beatnheart: Lime is a great idea too, total mojito experience!
    Mise: Ah stop! Thanks a million! 2 glugs it is so!
    LittlemissS: That sounds amazing! I love the idea of adding chilli!
    Sophie: Thanks!

  7. That sounds so amazing and yes I think the rum is wise............ I did something similar added lime rind and mint to the water and sugar and reduced to almost a syrup .... strained it ,then added sparkling water, fresh lime juice, rum or vodka , crushed ice and fresh mint leaves.

    Tried it with lemons too both versions great!

    I am going to make your one for the weekend when I have some willing accomplices

  8. That sounds flipping delicious, I'm totally giving that a go!


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